The Blade Cage simply helps you do what you already do every day.
Just a whole lot safer, faster and more efficient.

Rubber Shielded Magnet

Keep blades tightly secured and doubles as a graphic magnet for installs.

Aluminum Shell

Solid, tough and durable to withstand any work environment.

Acrylic Cover

Quickly monitor your Blade Cages capacity. A variety of tinted colors available.

Perfect Knife Slot

Slim knife slot that perfectly fits most snappable blades allowing for a quick and clean snap every time.

So, How Easy Is It to Use?

There are others like BladeCage. But none do it like we do. Every feature is optimized for ease of use and convenience

You snap blades all the time. Why not do it in style?

Mix and match a Metallic Black or Aluminum shell with one of our colored acrylic covers to customize your Blade Cage however you like.

Snapping Blades Just Got Awesome.

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